Many people talk about deserve. I don’t like deserve, to me that means entitlement. I am not entitled to anything. When I hear the word it doesn’t have a good feel to it. It has the feel of taking something.

I have watched people who struggle with entitlement go into stores thinking they deserve something without paying for it. Maybe because they need it or because they have been taught they deserve it. I have watched the customer service people shake their heads knowing there is nothing they can do.

However, I have seen those who walk in worth. Worth has a whole other feel to it. Say it, worth. You feel a value placed on the word.

Let’s take the store situation again. A person who sees worth walks in pays the price for the item, the customer service responds differently to them. There is an exchange of respect. In a way, belonging is created.

In worth, we see the value in each other or the items or the products. In deserve, we take what we see not caring because we want, not valuing.

I want to live in worth, I want to exchange worth, valuing others.

Again this is how I see it.

Listen to the words again.



Decide which feels better to you and go from there.