Thanksgiving Thankful time

As we come to Thanksgiving time. Many of us think of things to be thankful for.

There has been a trend these last few years on being grateful. There has been research that has shown that being grateful helps us in our lives in many ways.

There are so many things we can find to be grateful for. But today, I want you to think about things you are grateful for about yourself, your personality type.

I want you to list at least three things.

Now I want you to think about someone who is the opposite of you. I want you to think of the struggle you have with that person.

For me it is the alpha personality. We drive each other crazy. I will be in a room and if things are not going well, it is like they single me out and make mean comments. It is weird. But this isn’t about that. What it is about is me seeing that their are amazing qualities that the alpha personality brings to this world and that I can list at least 4-5 things that they bring that make the world a better place.

In other words, what I am asking you to do, is something similar. I am asking you to write down at least 4 things of people you know that may have not treated you as nice in this world, of reasons why they belong here. List why they can make this world a better place or what they offer.

Everyone is a gift whether they see it or not. Some times when we can see it, even if we don’t directly say anything, we affect positive change on this planet.