TEDx Experience

In April I did a TEDx talk. I remember applying and being asked to give an idea, me being an overachiever, gave three ideas. I learned a lesson that day, never do that. The organizer came back and asked me to combine several of those ideas.

I remember the feelings I had when I found out what I was asked to do.. The impossible of putting together 3 ideas in less than 14 minutes.

So I sat and got quiet, and within three days I put together my speech. I submitted my speech to the organizer. He was awesome and came back with a few scholarly articles to add to support my speech. It sent me on an internet search for more articles to support my talk.

I then asked people I knew for their stories. Adding one story that was so powerful. It was awesome.

Now it was time to practice. Also, I wanted to find a studio to record, I was doing a virtual talk. I found a few people to help me.

What was really neat is we had a lot of people show up. It was a good experience.