A lot of people when they see this word think of chores or ugg, not more work. But what if it was seen differently. What I mean is reverse the word. what if it was the ability to respond. I bility respond. Meaning you had the skills and ability to respond.

Life is challenging. I remember growing up and everything being a struggle for me. I didn’t have the ability to respond. If one thing went wrong I felt so bad and would feel bad for days. You would look at me a certain way and I would think you hated me. Yep, one of those kids and adults.

It took skills, it took learning the ability to respond, the ability to learn new ways of looking at things so I could respond differently.

Let me give you an example. I am applying for grad school. I have had a lot of things on my plate and there have been a lot of changes with the program. I made a mistake, thinking I had talked to the instructor I was volunteering for. I had not and they got an email asking for a letter of recommendation from me to apply to their program. They were upset, rightfully so. I felt horrible. Not because I blew my chance at the program or my reputation but because I would always ask first and respect a yes or no. I would never assume. I normally would feel bad for days. In the past, I would have quit. Instead, I did EFT on the issue and sent an apology without excusing my behavior. I take full responsibility for thinking I had talked to them when I had not.

That is the ability to respond.

We all make mistakes it is owning up without excusing without blaming.