Monuments in DC

When I was traveling in DC, I got the opportunity to see the Martin Luther King monument. It was a very powerful monument. If you haven’t been, you can enter on either side or in the middle. In the middle, there is Martin Luther King coming out through a mountain. On either side, there are sayings and water. Each saying is very powerful. 

I read each saying and thought as I slowly walked through the monument. I wanted to be respectful. I sat down and meditated for a while on what I saw. 

Martin Luther King did so much for so many people, he made the way for so many movements, and so many laws to be put in place. 

I walked and talked with the person I was traveling with about Martin Luther King and what we thought his personality type was. How his Needs Languages played a part in what he was called to do. 

We may not all be called to lead movements or figureheads of movements. But we do play a part in our world. We do have a choice with how our circumstances will affect our personalities and the way we communicate, the way we act towards ourselves and others. 

We have a choice to move towards the journey of balance, the journey of affecting change, healing, or destruction. 

Martin Luther King used his Needs Languages to challenge the system that was unfair, and unjust to create change so that his dream of equality for his children could come. 

Next week I want to go back even farther in history to who was a forerunner of Martin Luther King.