Kid Personality Communication

It is vital to understand your Kid’s personality communication type. It will be very helpful in knowing how to communicate and what they need.

Today I was talking to a teenager who was telling me one of her parents was favoring their brother. Her other parent kept trying to talk sense saying you are playing favorites but could not talk sense into that parent.

I sat and listened. This young person continued to talk about how they felt uncomfortable walking home from school. But both parents were trying to toughen them up.

Now I sat there thinking. How could I break this down?

The kid talking to me needed to feel safe. Her parents wanted her to be tough.

Yet they didn’t understand her personality communication type.

Both her parents have stronger personalities than she does.

They are strong-arming her. By doing this they are not listening to her, they are killing her voice.

So what could they do?

They could find a way to compromise. The compromise could be to get her a self-defense class, so she can feel safe walking home from school. In other words don’t take her power or tell her to be more strong like them, give her skills.

To address her brother, her brother has a stronger personality and meets both parents in that stronger personality. One of those parents like the challenge of a strong personality. It has nothing to do with favoritism of a child it has to do with what the parent liked even before that child was born.