Inclusion & Retention

Why are our workplaces struggling?

One reason is that we don’t understand inclusion. Now for some they roll their eyes for others they nod their head.

In my mind part of what inclusion boils down to is living in biases and not listening.

I recently did a course through SHRM, Society Human Resource Management. It was on disability and employment. One of the facts they said was that most reasonable accommodations cost companies 0 dollars. Another fact was that you are not doing a person a favor by hiring them if they have a disability. You are hiring a qualified employee.

Where did people get the idea that hiring a person with a disability is doing them a favor? It is like saying hiring a woman is doing them a favor, or a person who is gay is doing them a favor or a person who is…. should I continue… cause this is going down a dangerous path.

When companies think hiring any person is doing them a favor no matter gender, age, race, disability, ect.., there is an issue. If companies want to start improving the retention issues, one of the first keys is creating a place where people feel welcomed. People don’t feel welcomed if you treat them like you are doing them a favor to pay them for a job that other people are doing.

People need to be heard and feel appreciated, that they are welcomed and wanted. Part of that is creating a place of safety and listening to them.

I will continue with safety and listening in next week’s blog.