Don’t Damage in Important

Recently I was listening to a conversation. I realized that what I was hearing was about an unbalanced Important. They were participating in a toxic work enviorment. The individual they were talking about had a Needs Language of Important. In that Imporant they were doing things to put others down to make themselves feel and be Important. But in reality it was costing the whole team and themselves. The work enviorment was chaotic and safety issues were going on. Instead of using their Need Language to help the situation they were using it to make it worse, and then complaing about it.

This is scary.

This can happen in any of the Needs Languages. What I continued to hear is how they tapped into other people’s unbalanced Needs Languages causing waves of toxic fumes and discontention. Those who wanted to be heathy were trying to escape but having trouble because they could smell the toxic fumes spewing from their mouths.

In these types of situations what does a person do?

How do you protect yourself, especially when safety concerns are going on.

This is the time I would encourage you breath into wisdom and seek balance into your Needs Languages and wise counsel. You search the laws to find out how to protect yourself.