Communication Default

Communication is something that is going on everywhere we go. Whether we are sleeping, eating, alone etc.. We can be listening to music without words and communication is still going on.

People are always telling you who they are and what they believe as well. Many times we are not listening to those words. However, have you thought about listening to the words you speak to others?

That kind of sounds scary. What I mean is we tell people who we are especially when we get nervous. Last night I was sitting on the couch wanting to spend time with someone as they watched TV, I was distracted by something else until I saw something on the TV. I made the person rewind. It was a woman telling another woman with a stronger personality all of her dirty laundry. I sat there and watched thinking. How many times do we insert foot and open mouth in our communication default when we feel nervous and disclose information that is embarrassing.

It seems more and more we are doing that.

Maybe for one, it isn’t embarrassing to be a cheater or to steal or to lie. But think about this when you say you did something like that, publicly, you are known for that and people remember.

It may come back to you, you may not get the person you want or it may happen to you.

Now there is another communication default I will talk about next week so stay tuned.