Communication Default part 2

Last week I talked about communication default when you get nervous inserting foot to mouth syndrome. But this communication default is different. This communication default is the one where when you get overwhelmed or overloaded you go back to old patterns of communication.

Recently I was talking with someone who shared with me a pattern they do when they get overwhelmed. It was something they saw their parents do when they were growing up. It was how their parents communicated. They told me they would pick at their partner until they would get into a fight with their person.

I talked with someone else who told me when they get overwhelmed their communication default was to start speaking words of how they were going to do everything because they had to. They would communicate how bad they were to themselves and how they didn’t deserve to have anything but to be alone.

I talked with another person who said their communication default was to start yelling at the drivers in front of them telling them how stupid they were.

We all have communication defaults, and old patterns when we get upset. We communicate them to ourselves and others.

So how do we break those patterns especially when they are tied to such strong emotions?

Well my friend it is first by being aware and the willingness to change. The second part is to love yourself through it and allow others to love you through it. The change will start to happen……….