Celebrating Something New

This weekend I have been invited to my first Transgender wedding. I am very excited. I think I am excited because the person who is getting married is a pastor. She has been working diligently to help bridge the gap and heal the LGBTQ+ community.

I met her a few years back when I was struggling because of some of the things the Christian community had done to me. She was patient and kind to me. She was understanding. She prayed for me.

I remember when I was in a conflict resolution class and I talked with a woman who shared with me she was a lesbian and how the baptist church had hurt her. I was sad listening to her story. This is a common theme for many people in the LGBTQ+ community.

I remember when my friend shared her book with me. I was so excited to see what she was doing for people, and how she was loving people. I remember when we talked and I asked her about dating. She told me how difficult it was to date as a conservative Christian transgender pastor. Something you don’t hear every day. I agreed it would be difficult. A few months later, I started seeing a sprout come out of the ground. It was the flower of love blooming. I was so happy for my friend.

The love and healing she was spreading is now coming back her way. This weekend she is going to be married. What is even more amazing is her dream of going to Isreal and walking the ground of her savior with her new husband is going to happen.

I share this for two reasons, it is never our place to judge healing or love. The other reason is that dreams do come true and to never lose hope