Being Silenced

Recently I was betrayed by someone. I was silenced in it because they wouldn’t talk to me, instead they said email me and then used it against me. They promised me that they were there to help and not do that.

How am I supposed to communicate with someone who only wants to communicate via email and twists it?

Betrayal was seeping through my veins. They even defined disability as a threat. I thought murders were threats not people with disabilities.

Words have power, was this how she felt about the disability community? I knew she had kids with disabilities.

Someone told me use the Needs Languages, you have a personality communication model, use it to communicate with her.

I replied, you can’t communicate with someone who is unwilling to talk with you. But what I can do is understand where it is hurting me in my Needs Languages. What I can do is apply EFT/ tapping to help me get through the betrayal and heal. What I can do is forgive and put my focus where it can serve me in a healthy way.

When I first did conflict resolution classes, they said both parties have to be willing to resolve the conflict ie be willing to talk, if one party is not the conflict can not be resolved.

That is the case in this situation, the other party wouldn’t take the time to talk to me, so the conflict can’t be resolved. But there are things I can do, I can work on the pain it is causing me, I can see where the pain is in my Needs Languages and heal that, I can research to make sure information is accurate and I can protect myself from any damage this person might do.



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