About The Needs Languages

Resolving Conflict so you can be heard and happiness & belonging in your relationships

You are worthy.

Sit with that for a second and consider the impact of that paradigm on how you see yourself.

So, what blocks us from feeling and receiving our worth? Knowing who we are and being balanced in our identity. When we find balance in ourselves we can create our belonging.

Hello, my name is Nicole. After almost a lifetime of people trying to tell me who I was, I developed the business – The Seven Candles.

During the journey to my master’s in industrial-organizational psychology, my co-collaborator and I discovered The Needs Languages, a powerful tool that helps personalities communicate. With their help I wrote my first book, The Needs Languages Bringing Balance & Belonging in Dating.

Simply put my dream for you is for you to find your belonging, to be seen, to feel in control over your environment, to be respected in your beliefs, and to find balance in expressing and listening to others.

Start down the path of understanding your Needs Languages with me to discover how amazing you are. I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

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