ABE Lincoln Needs Languages

 There was another place we went to in DC, Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was shot and then we crossed the street where Lincoln was carried to and died. Lincoln was shot by an actor who had access to him. The actor hated Lincoln and wanted to keep black people as slaves. There was this war going on. Lincoln wanted to be more progressive in the fight for freedom for equality in race but he couldn’t. 

Lincoln saw Frederick Douglass as a friend. Frederick struggled with Lincoln because he wanted him to do more. However Lincoln was already risking so much by doing the things he was doing. I believe Lincoln wanted to do more. From my understanding during that time, Lincoln was already struggling with support. To do more he would have even less support or even loss support. 

I bring Lincoln up because he has the same Needs Languages as Martin Luther King. They both challenged a system that they felt was wrong. Many people were very angry. They both challenged a lot of people’s beliefs. 

Now just because you have this particular Needs Language doesn’t mean that people are going to be or get angry with you. It also doesn’t mean you are going to be a Lincoln or a Martin Luther King. 

Any of the Needs Languages can do great positive changes in our world. 

Next week I am going to talk about an actor who has the same Needs Languages as Martin Luther King and Lincoln so you can get more of an idea of how this Needs Language can work in a different light.